“Melanie is multi-dimensional in her talent and her work ethic is unparalleled. Her attitude is exceptional and given some grueling deadlines, she has consistently made each job run smoothly and timely. Her energy level makes the energizer bunny seem lethargic.

The most recent job, the Friday before a Monday shoot, the client called making an impossible request. I asked Melanie if she could make it happen and without any grumbling she took it on and made me look like a rock star. She made it seem effortless though I still don't know how she pulled it off.”

-Kipling Swehla, Photographer

“Melanie is a talented, energetic producer with a keen eye for detail and great results. I would highly recommend her services for your next photo shoot.”

- Kristina Musial, Account Executive, HYConnect

“I had a week long shoot dealing with over 20 models with tight time slots, in addition to 3 locations, large photography team, stylists, hair and make-up talent and wardrobe talent. Melanie kept the whole project on task, making sure that all the hired folks kept on top of their responsibilities. When is was all said and done, we accomplished our goal, and she made sure we stayed within budget.”

-Pat Schab, Art Director at Gerard Design

“I recently worked with Melanie on a location shoot in Columbus OH. We were give 3 days to find a location, get rooms and book a crew. Melanie was able to not only find and secure everything we needed, but also without hesitation was able to switch locations when we changed our mind at the last minute. A lesser person would have been screaming mad so that was a true test to her professionalism.Melanie was a true joy to work with, highly organized, very personable and most of all resourceful. I would definitely request her service in the future.”

-Greg Borowski, Senior Art Director at Schafer, Condon, Carter

“Melanie is such a pleasure to work with! She has the ability to perform all the behind the scenes production aspects of a project, all while having a relaxed, humor-filled demeanor. She never gets flustered and no problem is too big for her to handle. She is organized, on time, and on budget. I would work with Melanie again and again! I highly recommend her to any one looking for a hard-working, fun, detail-oriented producer.”

-Pam Scholtens, Art Director

“Melanie Trombley is a true pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly for print production. She is professional and friendly which makes the whole production go seamlessly and without the drama! Her sources and expertise in every geographic region that we have worked with her have proven to be perfect for our clients needs.”

-George Watson, W+S+W Creative

“I've worked with Melanie as Producer on many projects with Robert Randall Photography. She's on the money as far as costs and draws on all her sources to accomplish complicated client needs and requests. Always up, there's never a problem, easy to work with. I recommend her highly.”

-Shelley Spierman, W+S+W Creative

“Melanie did a fantastic job producing a photo shoot for which I was the creative director. She helped put together a crew of photographers, assistants, stylists, dealt with the home owners and clients. The shoot went terrifically, the shots were great, the client was very happy.”

-Jill Ralston, Freelance Art Direction and Design, Ralston Design, Inc.

“Melanie is capable of producing the most involved shoots with ease. She is so good at what she does, that she is always the first person we call to produce out projects. She handles incredibly tight deadlines and shoot schedules, and she never fails to deliver. Sometimes, I'm actually amazed at what she is capable of.”

-Robert Randall, Photographer

“Melanie Trombley is a an incredibly hard working detail oriented producer. Being able to juggle a variety of different tasks in this industry is a skill not found in many people and I feel confident going into any project Melanie is a part of. Very social and adept at working with a variety of different people, she is an asset to the industry.”

-Jeff Dahlgren, Jeff Dahlgren Photography

“Melanie Trombley is a self-motivated, personable and trustworthy producer. I have always enjoyed working with her. She brings a lot of energy to her projects.”

-Steve Ewert, Photographer

“Melanie is always a great asset on any kind of shoot. She is extremely detail-oriented and her research and follow-through abilities insure a smooth project. Melanie is also a cool person and someone who everyone gets along with.”-Greg Frasz, Freelance Photographer, Faze-X

“Melanie was a joy to work with - she is knowledgeable and is a pleasure to be around - which is always great when under the various demands at a photoshoot.”

-John Faier, Photographer

“I always get very excited when I'm presented the opportunity to work on one of Melanie's crews. Melanie goes the extra mile to make sure that your job isn't going to be more difficult than it needs to be. She's always well prepared, gives good direction, and makes her crew's lives easy through her hard work. She has that great balance of knowing when to hustle, but also when to laugh, which makes for a happy crew.”

-Courtney Rust, Wardrobe and Prop Stylist

“Melanie Trombley is one of the best photo producers I've worked with in the business. She is detail oriented, fair and just a pleasure to be around. I feel very fortunate to work with her.”

-Marcus Geeter, Celebrity Makeup Artist/ TV Beauty Contributor, MarcusGeetermakeupartist.com

“Melanie is one of those super cool human beings there aren't enough of in life. Melanie is dynamic, motivating, proactive, discerning and astute. She is also reliable, open minded and resourceful. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to get a job done well, on time and on budget, but also to those who are looking to forge strong partnerships and growth in their own arenas. She's a gem.” -Johanna Lowe, Stylist