Melanie has been working as a Photo Producer for nearly 20 years. She accidentally entered the commercial photography industry in 1996, building sets in the midst of a tour break as the merchandise coordinator for the band Sebadoh.

Realizing photography was better matched to her frenetic pace than the Graphic Design degree she was pursuing, she switched gears to focus on production and all aspects behind the camera.

From talent casting and art buying, to figuring out how to air freight in 1000 square yards of sod from California to Chicago for a Sears lawn mower shoot in the dead of winter, to planning domestic and international shoots for clients like Abbott Labs, Dell, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and National Geographic, Melanie can handle the details on any size shoot with grace and aplomb - on time and under budget.

(And yes, that really is Melanie getting flung out of a raft. Ask her about it sometime.)